Golden Assembly 22/11/19

Published: 22nd November 2019

In the Golden Book this week are:

Nursery - Reuben for having great enthusiasm for everything he does in school.

Reception - Hettie-Rose for a fantastic piece of independent writing.  Well done!

Year 1 - Elliott for making such a huge improvement in his writing.  Elliott is working so hard in his phonics and his spelling - it is really helping with his writing.

Year 2 - Louie for her absolutely fantastic effort in everything that she does.  She always puts in 100% effort to all that she does.

Year 3 - Riley for making such a great start to life at Hade Edge school.  Riley you are settling in so well - it seems as though you have always been here!

Year 4 - Lucie for the fantastic progress that you are making in maths.  Lucie works really hard and it is paying off!

Year 5 - Hollie for being a polite, quiet, well-behaved and caring member of the class.  Your are a star *

Year 6 - Amber for her superb poetry work.  You have worked so hard to complete your poem - you should be so proud!

Harry was awarded a certificate in coding for work that he completed in class - well done Harry!

Tobias, Lily, Wini, Olivia, Hannah, Grace, Millie, Bryn, Lewis and Hettie were all awarded their bronze certificates for gaining 25 house points each.  Isaac and Finley were awarded their silver certificates for gaining 50 house points each - well done to you all!