Cartoonists For The Day

Published: 7th December 2018

Today, the Excellent Eagles were visited by Dave Howarth - artist, cartoonist, designer - came into school to teach the children how to create cartoons of themselves.  They were taught: how to draw emotions on faces; how to draw the movements of the body and how to use persepctive.  They drew themselves in different activities at Robinwood Such as climbing, on the zip wire and giant swing.  

Chloe said, ‘It’s the most awesome day and I learnt new things too.’

Eva said, ‘It was interesting because I’ve learned how to draw a person in a cartoony way’.

Finn remarked, ‘I never thought I would be able to draw this well.’

Dave Howarth can be contacted through his website or through Facebook at Dave Howarth Artist.