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Birthday Parties March 2021

Happy Birthday to our March born children!

Today the children throughout school enjoyed another birthday party, this time to celebrate all of our children who have had March Birthdays. We had lots of fun!

26th March 2021

Wear a Hat Day!

Brain Tumour Awareness Day

26th March 2021


26th March 2021

Excellent Eagles Eggs

Have you spotted our Excellent Eagles Eggs?

25th March 2021

Marvellous Meerkat Science

Marvellous Meerkat's Love Science!



24th March 2021

Persuasive Adverts

Excellent Eagles try to persuade

22nd March 2021

Around the World in 80 minutes

Excellent Eagles take Lockdown Lenny on an adventure

17th March 2021

Marvellous Meerkats Spring 2 Week 3

Lockdown Lenny's Welcome Back Tea Party

16th March 2021

Wonderful Wolves Stone Age Museum

The first week back after lockdown the Wonderful Wolves worked really hard on their Stone Age Museum groupwork. The children worked together in groups to creatively put across information on their chosen aspect of Stone Age life through a museum style display. They completed their own research and then worked together to produce their work, being careful to manage their time effectively.

16th March 2021

Terrific Tigers Spr2 wk3

Back to School!

14th March 2021

Back to school for everyone!

Welcoming our children back into school

9th March 2021