Excellent Homework Autumn 2

Published: 20th December 2019

Our presentations included:

Emily and Erin made a winter scene in a box with cotton wool, glitter, ice cubes (glacier mints) and a seal - even Santa made an appearance!  It was just beautiful.

Freddie made a polar bear poem 'The Polar Bear Warning' on a polar bear shaped board.  What a superb piece of work!

Harry and Leah acted out a television interview.  Harry played the part of the explorer and Leah the interviewing.   Leah had a series of interesting questions:  Why the expedition had gone ahead? What his view points on global warming were?  They did a super job.

Grace created an amazing power point, jam packed full of information on glaciers around the world.  She also created a super Puffin recycled piece of artwork. 

Millie created a a penguin picture and penguin model.  Very sweet.

Hollie created a polar picture and fact file!

Chloe made an amazing polar cake with dying polar bears.  She also wrote some superb Polar bear facts.  Well done!

Henry made an ice timer to count down the minutes - it was a bit leaky!  He also wrote some facts about the Danish explorer,  Peter Freuchen.  He had lots of interesting facts!!!!!!! Good job Henry!

Oscar wrote a poem called 'Why not help?'.  A superb acrostic and grown up poem.  Well done!

Ruby created a beautiful show scene with seals and also a delicious chocolate cake.  YUM!

Emma wrote a poem to accompany her arctic scene that she made,  A lovely piece.  Later, she read out a story she had worked on at home over a long period of time and it was wonderful!

Connie shared her yummy polar cake.  Rio created a poem and a 'Polluted whale'.

Amber made three large cookies showing how the arctic ice was reducing each 20 years.  Very clever but also delicious.

Benjamin created a replica of Shackleton's ship the 'Endurance', a very creative piece.

Olivia created an iceberg showing how they break from the ice plates.