Excellent Homework

Published: 25th October 2019

We have had a brilliant week showcasing our amazing homework.  The children have gone above and beyond in this topic, I am so proud of all the work they have done.

Grace created a stopmotion video about waste.

Freddie made a wonderful powerpoint (packed full of information).

Millie made honey buns and told us all about the importance of bees.

Hannah and Rio colloborated on a quiz that they presented to the class - it was lovely to see our first ever collobarative homework.

Connie presented her facts about pollution including: air, light, litter, soil, noise, plastic, contamination, radioactive, thermal, visual and water!

Bryn created a very large and beautiful under the water pollution poster.

Emily recycled household items into a superb whale.

Oscar created a recycled plastics in the ocean poster made from his household plastic.

Erin made a superb fish with a great message attached - see if you can spot it in the homework showcase!

Henry had recycled items into a sand timer.  He also presented the class with his amazing research and facts he had found out.

Hollie made a great fish poster.

Olivia's powerpoint was packed full of information on plastic and pollution.

Emma created a recycled cushion cover out of a Hade Edge School cardigan!!!!! As well as looking for eco-friendly ideas for houses.

Samuel made 'Recycle Man' a robot made of waste materials.

Chloe has repurposed an orange carton into a pencil pot and made a fish piggy bank out of a plastic bottle!

Amber shrunk single use crisp packets in her oven to turn them into keyrings - they were fab!

Ruby talked us through her powerpoint on 'Litter'.

Jacob created a poster about plastic in the ocean.  He said, 'Don't be mean, be green.'

We have really enjoy looking at the range of homework.  Well done to all the Excellent Eagles!