Fire Safety Talk

Published: 11th October 2019

Today, Bruce (a West Yorkshire Fire Fighter) came to deliver our annual fire and road safety talk.  The children were shown a video of a simulation of a room setting on fire.  The class looked at a family escaping a fire with and without a fire plan.  The children were encouraged to talk to their own family about a fire action plan.  

In discussion was also: hoax calling and the risk to lives; alternative ways to contact emergency services (112 and whatthreewords); and different emergenies that fire fighters may have to attend. 

Lastly Bruce simulated a road traffic accident and what happens when children (and adults) do not wear a seatbelt.  A video was shown to the class about crash test dummies and how dangerous not wearing a seatbelt can be.  As always the children were attentive and asked some interesting questions.  The talk was extremely informative and we would like to thank Bruce for coming to see us.