Golden Assembly 10/01/2020

Published: 10th January 2020

In the Golden book this week are:

Nursery - Meghan for having such a super first week at school.  She has been so polite and kind in class.  Well done!

Reception - Gracie for being so helpful with all the new nursery children.

Year 1 - Cole for his super effort during times tables sessions. Mrs Jackson said he is working really hard. 

Year 2 - Harrison for his excellent knowledge in grammar lessons.

Year 3 - Ella for all the effort that she is putting into all of her work.  Ella is working really hard in every lesson and always tries her best.

Year 4 - Lily-Rose for really pushing herself in her learning.  Mrs Kelly says she is meeting all the challenges that she sets her and has a great attitude towards her learning.  Keep it up! 

Year 5 - Jacob for some superb reading today with Mr Kilner.

Year 6 - Freddie for being a fabulous role model to the rest of the class.

Sam, Ella Mollie, Isaac, Bethany, Louie, Alistair, and Hugh all received certificates for gaining lots of house points - congratulations to you all.

Ishanvi brought in a certificate that she had been awarded at gymnastics and also a certificate and rosettes that she gained in ballet and tap dancing.

Matilda, Amelia and Ishan all brought in gymnastics certificates that they had been awarded at gymnastics.

Ishan brought in his 'teach your monster to read' certificate and also his stage 2 swimming certificate to show us - well done Ishan you have been a busy boy!

Amelia brought in her climbing certificate. Well done!

Rose and Violet both brought in certificates and badges that they have been awarded at swimming and at gymnastics - well done girls!

Gabriel brought in his certificate from Kumon - great work!

Arnav had lots of his certificates to share with us that he had gained from coding - well done!