International Women's Day

Published: 9th March 2019

Today the children have been learning about International Women's Day.  I think it's good to have the opportunity to talk about some of the amazing people in our past (men and women) but I feel it's crucial to show the adversity many women have faced, even in our relatively recent past and the imbalance that still occurs today.

We watched a clip of the Boston Marathon 1967, where Katherine Switzer disguised herself and ran alongside men.

We also watched the Nike advert starring Serena Williams about equality in sports for women.

We discussed why we should celebrate women and the inequality that is often present in the world.  The Excellent Eagles had a very good knowledge about the imbalance of wages, that women are often judged when taking time out for child rearing and that women are still seen as the 'weaker' sex.  We looked at a range of influential women; their biography and achievements.  The pupils then made booklets about woman who inspired them - which we will make into display......maybe some of our wonderful parents will feature in it!