Marvellous Magical Meerkats

Published: 3rd February 2015

Well what an amazing start to the week.......when the children landed we went into the hall on Monday, low and behold we had been taken over by Hogwarts.  The children were sorted in to House Groups and have been perfecting their wand skills in Maths. We are entering a National competition to design and draw our favourite Wizard / Wizardess.  As a class, the children wrote a profile of me.  They renamed me, Magaliti Stead, see the download on the Blog to read what the children think of me!!!!  The children then decided if the wizard they were writing about was to be themselves or a fictional character.  They decided what their super powers would be, what they had achieved over their life and what adventures lay ahead. These pieces of work are going to be entered into a National Harry Potter Competition that is running this week, along with entries from the other classes.  A selection of the childrens work is displayed below. 

I have to make a special mention to Rowan who decided he was a Nargel in disguise and was going to take over and defeat the school.  Don't worry I am keeping my eye on him!