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Victorian Visitors 20.10.15

A Royal Visitor...

20th October 2015

Medieval Artisan In School

Medieval craft gets underway!

19th October 2015

Victorian Classroom 19.10.15

A Great Start to History Week!

19th October 2015

The Justice of the Peace

Local Magistrates Call Order in the classroom

19th October 2015

Celtic Life

Theme week, or not theme week, that is the question.

19th October 2015

The Wonderful Wolves

Coaching session with Huddersfield Giants

18th October 2015

Cookery Enterprise

Farewell Golden Group!

18th October 2015

Golden Assembly 16.10.15

We had many achievements this week....

16th October 2015

Woodland School Event 16.10.15

Woodland School Fun!

16th October 2015

Good Work Assembly 15.10.15

Terrific, Marvellous, Wonderful and Excellent Work...

15th October 2015