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Golden Assembly 25/05/18


This week we celebrate...


25th May 2018

Terrific Homework

All Creatures Great and Small

25th May 2018

Wonderful Sewing

We have finished our bookmarks!

24th May 2018

Sketching tulips

Wonderful Art

24th May 2018

Marvellous PE

Are we ready for Sports Day?

23rd May 2018

Letters from Legends

Our writing letters for a real purpose project

22nd May 2018

Maths, Science and being outdoors

Fitness data collected

21st May 2018

Mr Kaye and his quiz!

Healing the blind man near Jericho

21st May 2018

We have skills the SAT's don't test!

We are skilled!!!

18th May 2018


Carnivore, Omnivore or Herbivore?

18th May 2018