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Our 'School Blog' is a great way of keeping in touch with what's happening in school.  The blogs are written by teachers, staff and children in school.  We like to tell you all about the special events, fabulous achievements and the amazing projects we have going on in school. You can keep in touch with our latest news by signing up to our page on 'Facebook' or 'Twitter'.

Friends of Hade Edge

Spring Newsletter

26th June 2017

Wonderful Pirates

Aaarrrr, this be 'Skull Island' mi hearties

24th June 2017

💀💀Ahoy! You landlubbers 💀💀

The Excellent Eagles be having a fabulous week, savvy? 

24th June 2017

Marvellous Pirate Week

Shiver me Timbers!

23rd June 2017

Terrific Tigers

Pirate Week!

23rd June 2017

Pirate disco

Pirate D.I.S.C.O!

22nd June 2017

Good Work Assembly 22.06.17

Why are we in the good work assembly? Because we arrrrggghhhh!!!!

22nd June 2017

Catch of the day!

What was for lunch at the Captain's Table?

22nd June 2017

The Excellent Eagles class becomes The Trading Post

Why are pirates called pirates? Because they ARRRR!

21st June 2017


Choose Friends of Hade Edge School as your Co-op local cause

20th June 2017