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Terrific Tigers

Pirate Week!

23rd June 2017

Pirate disco

Pirate D.I.S.C.O!

22nd June 2017

Good Work Assembly 22.06.17

Why are we in the good work assembly? Because we arrrrggghhhh!!!!

22nd June 2017

Catch of the day!

What was for lunch at the Captain's Table?

22nd June 2017

The Excellent Eagles class becomes The Trading Post

Why are pirates called pirates? Because they ARRRR!

21st June 2017


Choose Friends of Hade Edge School as your Co-op local cause

20th June 2017

Wonderful Learning

How do pirates find their way around the world?

20th June 2017

Wonderful Writing

Why are the Wonderful Wolves making Mrs Kelly smile?

16th June 2017

Golden Assembly 16.06.17

This week in the Golden Book are:

Nursery - Joseph for settling well into our school

Reception - Ruby for her super writing this week.  Well done!

Year 1 - All our year 1 children who have worked extremely hard over the year, but in particular the last few months in prep for their phonics activities - you've all done a super job!!

Year 2 - Jacob for always having a smile on his face and for his enthusiasm and energy

Year 3 - Emma for being so conscientious with her explanation text.  Emma checked spellings very carefully and produced amazing work!

Year 4 - Thomas for fantastic concentration, effort and super handwriting in his literacy work ' explanation' texts!

Year 5 - Izzy for OUTSTANDING literacy work.  Her play script is amazing but also her attitude is fantastic.  Well done!

Year 6 - Holly for her super attitude in school.  The HHS teacher was impressed with your perseverance.

Special mention to Daisy, Eva, Holly, Benji, Ben, Anna, Alyssa, Angus, Huw, Erin and Freddie for representing Hade Edge so well in the swimming gala!  Well done!  Eva made it to the final of her round too!

A BIG THANKS to Mr Winslow for his support in school over the last two weeks.

Anna and Gabby were presented silver award for achieving 50 house points. Gold awards were presented to Huw, Freddie, Isabella and Matilda for achieving 75 house points.  Also platinum awards were awarded to Eva and Thomas for achieving 100 house points.

Kirklees school swimming service inter-school swimming competion certificates were awarded to Freddie,  Daisy, Alyssa, Ben, Holly, Benji, Eva, Anna, Huw, Erin and Angus


16th June 2017

Enterprise 16.06.17

Fruit Tasting

16th June 2017