Terrific Tigers

Published: 15th July 2016

We have had a lovely week in the Terrific Tigers. We have been learning all about Pirates.


This week we read a Pirate adventure story. We then decided to write our own. We discussed characters, settings and plots. The children created some super story writing.


This week we have been focusing on capacity. We dicussed what the words full and empty mean. We then explored with different sized bottles in the water tray. There was lots of discussion about half full, half empty and whether different shaped bottles could hold the same amount of water.


We have had two great PE sessions outside this week. We have continued to work on our Athletic skills.

Other activities

As part of the Pirate theme, we discussed floating and sinking. The children thought about what the words mean and what objects float and sink. We then did an experiment to see which objects would float or sink. The children predicted what might happen and then tested the different objects. It was lots of fun. We have also had fun making treasure maps and directing the Beebots to treasure outside.