Terrific Tigers

Published: 25th November 2016


This week our focus text was 'The Snow Queen'. We discussed the characters and the setting, as well as discussing the beginning, middle and end of the story. We then re-told the story and sequenced the pictures from the book.


We have been practising segmenting and blending CVC words, as well as our tricky words. We then looked at simple sentences using these words and practised reading and writing them.


This week we learnt about measuring length. We discussed the words shortest and longest and what they mean. We then ordered objects from short to long. We enjoyed measuring each other as well as looking at rulers.


This week we experimented with ice. We talked about how ice is formed and we then thought about how we could melt it. The children had lots of great ideas such as pouring on warm water, holding it in our hands, tapping it with a spoon and wrapping it up in a glove!


We really enjoyed our session this week. We played lots of different games and the children are becoming really confident in holding a hockey stick as well as passing and dribbling a ball.

Christmas Activity Day

We had a fantastic day on Wednesday, making lots of different Christmas crafts. We enjoyed making calendars, tree decorations and a giant snowman. We also made some lovely frosty pictures with our school governor, Mrs Davies.