terrific Tigers Aut 2 wk3

Published: 22nd November 2019

The Terrific Tigers have had a wonderful 'Frozen' inspired week.

The children have enjoyed reading Disney's Frozen in literacy. They have labelled the characters and have written what they think the characters might say in speech bubbles.

The children have had lots of fun exploring ice this week and have undertaken a number of activities, developing their scientific knowledge and enquiry. 

At the beginning of the week the children created 'Elsa hands' by filling gloves with magical jewels. We then filled the glove with water and talked about how we could turn the water to ice. We discussed a number of possibilities and spoke about temperature.

We placed the hands in the freezer over night and sure enough they had turned to ice! The children enjoyed touching the ice and commented on its texture. "It's cold..hard...smooth etc". They observed as the ice melted back to water and we discussed why this was happening.

On Friday, Elsa sent us a message saying that she needed our help...she had 'frozen' her friends! We found them in blocks of ice and had to help her find ways to melt them. We observed the effects of warm / cold water on the ice as well as salt. We then write down what the characters might be saying in speech bubbles. We created some wonderful writing and had a fantastic time!