Visit from Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Published: 10th October 2019

This morning the Excellent Eagles and Wonderful Wolves had a fantastic first aid session with Ali from Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

The session began with Ali asking the children what we need to do if they have an emergency situation. The police, fire, air ambulance, mountain rescue and ambulance were all discussed. Ali then spoke about the 'What Three Words' app which can help you be identified if you do not know where you are. She challenged the children to learn their postcodes this week so if they ever needed to tell the emergency services they would be prepared.

Ali went through each step of what the children can do if they find someone who has collapsed and is not breathing. She told them to tap the person to see if there is a response. Then showed them how to begin CPR if the person was not breathing. 

Benjamin was congratulated for calmly calling 999 when he needed to.  Well done Benjamin. 

Everyone who wanted to try CPR on the dummy was invited to do so. 

The non-emergency hotline of 111 (NHS Direct) was also discussed.

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day. Ali told the children that it is normal to feel unhappy and abit down and that we should not ignore our feelings. She advised them to make sure they tell someone when they feel like this.

We had a quick recap of the learning, then Ali asked the children what they would like to be when they grow up. 

Thank you so much Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Ali for this invaluable lesson.