We are growing up....

Published: 5th July 2018

This week we have undertaken three transition mornings.

On Monday, the Year 6 children were taught by Mrs Scott from Holmfirth High School who introduced their transition maths unit and they had a great morning carrying out a variety of investigations.

Year 5 and 4 were in the Excellent Eagles classroom carrying out 'getting to know you tasks', working with different partners and playing some tricky maths strategy games.

On Tuesday, the Year 6 pupils went to High School to meet their new form! They had a great time and told us all about it on Wednesday.

The Year 5 and 4 pupils wrote letters to Mrs Stead explaining which job they would like to do next year.  They could apply for a wide variety of jobs including: chicken monitors, house point counters, office runners etc.  We talked about the skills the children need and they wrote persuasive job applications ready for September.  Some of them were extremely impressive!

On Wednesday, the Year 6's continued with transition work including CV's while the Year 5's and 4's completed some Geography work called 'Lifesland'.  A map of important places, people and experiences in their lives.

We have had a great week and we are really looking forward to our new term!