What is Christmas all about?

Published: 7th December 2018

The Wonderful Wolves were asked, 'What is Christmas all about?'

Your amazing children gave the following responses:

Respecting others

Being there for others

Spending time with family and friends

Being grateful

Not being selfish



Jesus' birthday

We also had the obligatory 'receiving gifts for being good' but compared to the list they came up with, we'll let that one in too!

This led us nicely on to the introduction of our 'Alternative Advent Calendar' whereby each day a child is selected to choose an item from our shopping bag and place it in our green basket for people who are less fortunate than themselves.

By the 21st December we will have 21 items in the green tub, which will be given to a local charity to help improve someone else's Christmas.

As Christmas is about giving and receiving, each child will also receive an edible tree decoration that they will bring home and hang on your Christmas tree. 

(The children have asked if they can bring in extra items to put in the green basket. The answer is of course! Any items will be gratefully received.)