Meerkats Wizard Week!

Published: 27th May 2021

This Week is Wizard Week at Hade Edge! On Monday we all received our wands and capes from Hogwarts School! The Sorting Hat presented Alastair with a very special Hogwarts Wand. Each day the Wand will present itself to a Witch or Wizard who shows ‘Special Magical ability’

On Tuesday  the Hogwarts Wand presented itself to Ismay for showing excellent Magical abilities. We saw some real magic performed by Professor Kilner and Professor Pickles an then we designed our own magical beasts and made them out of clay!

On Thursday the Hogwarts wand presented itself to Jake, we had a lots of fun designing enchanted objects and in the afternoon we did a Science experiment where we turned milk into a plastic type material. On Thursday it was Wini who was presented with the Hogwarts wand. We had lots of fun using alliteration to write our potions lists and then in the afternoon we designed our own dragon eggs!
I wonder who the wand will present itself to next?