World Book Week in WW

Published: 13th March 2020

This week our book was 'Salt in His Shoes' which was written about Michael Jordan. The story begins with Michael wishing to play basketball with his brothers, but being picked on by another boy for not being tall enough. Michael went home and asked his mum how he could grow taller. She told him if he said his prayers every night and put salt in his shoes then he would eventually grow. His father told him that he would also need to practise, have determination and give his best.

As we know, Michael Jordan went on to become world famous in his sport.

The Wolves were asked what they would like to achieve if they put 'salt in their shoes'. The answers were great! 

We enjoyed our 'reading cafe' with the Terrific Tigers, and everyone dressed up for World Book Day.

The children also took part in a fantastic storytelling session, led by Noel. 

A busy, but great week for the Wonderful Wolves.