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Design and Technology prepares children to take part in the development of tomorrow’s rapidly changing world. Through this subject children are given the opportunity to expand and experiment their own creative ideas, whilst learning new skills and reflecting on technology in today’s society. 


• To develop knowledge and understanding of: materials and components; mechanisms and control systems; structures; existing products, and health and safety. 

• To develop the skills of designing, planning, making, adapting and evaluating products for a particular purpose. 

• To look for needs, wants and opportunities and respond to them by developing a range of ideas and making products and systems. 

• To develop an understanding of technological processes, products and their manufacture, and their contribution to our society. 

• To nurture creativity, design and innovation and become creative and autonomous problem solvers, as individuals and as part of a team. 

• To develop ICT skills to allow children to program and control products, to nurture their understanding of mechanical and electrical systems. 

• To reflect on and evaluate present and past design and technology, its uses and effects. 

• To promote pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


Design Technology in Early Years

Creating with Materials ELG Children at the expected level of development will:

- Safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form, and function;

- Share their creations, explaining the process they have used;

- Make use of props and materials when role playing characters in narratives and stories.

Fine Motor Skills ELG Children at the expected level of development will:

- Hold a pencil effectively in preparation for fluent writing – using the tripod grip in almost all cases;

- Use a range of small tools, including scissors, paint brushes and cutlery;

- Begin to show accuracy and care when drawing.